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In Naxos, the family of P.Anagnostopoulos owns 3 lodgings !
In 1990, with their love for the island along with their strong drive
for hospitality , the family built on the sandy beach of Agia Anna, the hotel "Artemis"
At "Artemis" clients will have the pleasure to taste all local appetizers uniquely prepared by their hostess, Mrs Artemis!
In 1996, few meters from the area of Plaka, in a picturesque surrounding full of Cycladic details
(they built the Hotel ATHINA )
which is a perfect choice for families as well as couples for all seasons, summer and winter !
In 2006 right next to Athina, with special care to the architectural style - inspired by the traditional houses of the island - the family built a complex of small suites and mezonettes . The premises, fully equipped,
are the ideal destination for newlyweds, husbands/ wives to be, or couples who just wish to surprise themselves and enjoy some special and romantic moments !!!
Being open through out the whole season - summer and winter - we guarantee you magical moments surrounded by the beauty of the island !!!
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